Citizens of Earth, the wait is over. Thanks to a franchise company dedicated to “boldly go where no cat has gone before”, Earthlings might at last be spending their afternoons sipping coffee, cuddling cats and hunting for Stanley Kubrick references.

For those uninitiated: A cat café is a place that combines coffee consumption with free-roaming cats (yes, the furry little fellows that can be found all over the Internet). The concept has been popular in Asia for over a decade, but has just recently started picking up steam in Europe and the US. Evidence of this can be found on Wikipedia which now lists dozens of cat cafés in Europe and North America, all of which have popped up during the last couple of years.

Star-Wars-inspired Catmosphere – which is based on an original concept by the Austrian computer hacker and startup founder Bernhard Mueller – opened its doors last year in Chiang Mai and boasts a total of 22 felines. Its science fiction theme comes complete with cats named “Obi Wan” and “Leeloo”, mock movie posters, cartoonesque space cat illustrations, and a “cat cinema” showing movie classics.

Inspired by its success with locals and tourists alike, plans were soon made to bring the brand to other continents. Partnering with Sydney-based marketing firm The Ducky Mafia, Catmosphere will arrive in Sydney in July 2015.

Humans lucky enough to make it to Chiang Mai, Thailand, can experience the quirky concept at Catmosphere’s original branch

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