Image Credit; NanoRacks

Image Credit; NanoRacks

NanoRacks has successfully manifested and integrated the Company’s first payload on a Blue Origin flight – the fourth launch and landing of the same New Shepard space vehicle on June 19, 2016.

The NanoRacks team is excited about this key milestone, and looks forward to bringing the same customer diversity we enjoy on the International Space Station (ISS), to Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle.

“The ability to load research payloads into this rocket as late as four hours prior to flight is priceless” says Ajeeth Ibrahim, NanoRacks Account Manager. “For NanoRacks to be able to integrate so close to launch truly expands the types of life sciences and other time-sensitive research that can be conducted in suborbital space.”

Throughout this process, NanoRacks facilitated the three main steps of launching with Blue Origin: Preliminary Data Package, Payload Safety Package, and the Launch Site Integration Process.

“The New Shepard space vehicle is the perfect stepping stone to ISS research” says NanoRacks CEO Jeffrey Manber. “From the research process, to safety packages to perfecting research hardware, Blue Origin’s vehicle is the perfect platform to conduct microgravity research. The flight frequency they are working towards means researchers can test experiments two or three times, or even more, before committing to long-term microgravity exposure in low-Earth orbit.”

NanoRacks LLC was formed in 2009 to provide commercial hardware and services for the U.S. National Laboratory onboard the International Space Station via a Space Act Agreement with NASA. NanoRacks’ main office is in Houston, Texas, right alongside the NASA Johnson Space Center. The Business Development office is in Washington, DC. Additional offices are located in Silicon Valley, California and Leiden, Netherlands.

In July 2015, NanoRacks signed a teaming agreement with Blue Origin to offer integration services on their New Shepard space vehicle. The Company has grown into the Operating System for Space Utilization by having the tools, the hardware and the services to allow other companies, organizations and governments to realize their own space plans.

As of March 2016, over 350 payloads have been launched to the International Space Station via NanoRacks services. Customers include the European Space Agency (ESA) the German Space Agency (DLR,) the American space agency (NASA), US Government Agencies, Planet Labs, Urthecast, Space Florida, NCESSE, Virgin Galactic, pharmaceutical drug companies, and organizations in Vietnam, UK, Romania and Israel.

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