Spaceflight is one of the most inspiring endeavours of humankind. Watch live as ESA and experts from many disciplines look at how human spaceflight has changed our daily lives, what the future holds, and the inspiring research and work done across many disciplines and industries.

The Space for Inspiration event is taking place on September 14–15 at the London Science Museum and features talks by ESA astronauts Tim Peake and Luca Parmitano, NASA astronaut Don Pettit and ESA Director General Jan Woerner.

The event will be broadcast below on Wednesday at 11:00–19:30 CEST and Thursday at 09:45–17:55 CEST. The full program and more information can be found at:

Space for Inspiration is a celebration of the diversity and pervasiveness of space in technology, industry and culture. Other speakers will introduce work that uses space technology or used space as inspiration, including Michelin-starred chef Thorsten Schmidt, research doctor Beth Healey – who spent a year in Antarctica – Politecnico di Milano professor of design Annalisa Dominoni, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s education engineer David Honess.

Key areas of interest for this event are:

  • smart materials and technologies,
  • agriculture, biology and food,
  • medicine, life and health.
  • September 14

    11:00 Welcome and opening remarks
    11:20 ISS: a beacon of human achievement
    14:00 How space research helps to solve global challenges
    16:15 Networking break
    16:45 How space research helps to solve global challenges
    18:20 ISS: from inspiration to innovation

    September 15

    09:45 Opening remarks
    09:50 Space exploration: a driver for economic growth
    13:05 Humans in space: opportunities and challenges
    15:55 Tim Peake mission highlights and outlook
    16:30 Beyond ISS: the way forward, the future of LEO and beyond
    17:40 Closing remarks

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