Image Credit: LAUNCH Fitness

Image Credit: LAUNCH Fitness

LAUNCH Fitness & Human Performance is pleased to announce its first class of candidates in its Spaceflight Fitness Specialist certification program. An industry first, the LAUNCH Spaceflight Fitness Specialist program is currently the only professional certification that seeks to bridge the gap between the fitness industry and the commercial spaceflight industry.

The Spaceflight Fitness Specialist Certification is designed to equip fitness professionals with the knowledge and skills they will need to effectively train clients to meet the recommended fitness and/or medical standards to qualify for “fit-for-flight” status for personal, private commercial suborbital spaceflight, high-G aviation environments, and other high-altitude flight environments.

Armed with the necessary skills to serve as an integral member of the aerospace medical team, the Spaceflight Fitness Specialist will be well-versed in the effects of spaceflight on human physiology and the management of chronic diseases and health conditions that may be worsened by exposure to the rigors of spaceflight.

“As the commercial spaceflight and tourism industry continues to gain momentum, researchers and standards-setting agencies are beginning to think about the fitness and medical standards for the average spaceflight tourist and commercial astronaut” said LAUNCH founder, Jamie Guined. That’s where the Spaceflight Fitness Specialist credential comes in. “Once these fitness and medical standards have been determined, and future astronauts and spaceflight participants begin to seek medical clearance as part of their flight certification, it is inevitable that some of those people will need specialized fitness training in order to meet the minimal standard required by the flight operator and/or governing agencies.”

The Spaceflight Fitness Specialist certification program will provide the knowledge and skills that are necessary for fitness professionals to develop effective pre-flight fitness training programs. Fitness professionals will become contributing and effective members of the aerospace medicine team, and the Spaceflight Fitness Specialist certification will be the vehicle to help them bridge that gap.

While the Spaceflight Fitness Specialist (SFS) certification contains a wealth of knowledge pertaining to fitness preparation for suborbital spaceflight, the spaceflight fitness methodology is also appropriate for working with non-spaceflight clients. For instance, the use of “green exercise,” an element of the SFS methodology, has been proven useful for individuals with sensory integration disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit disorder, and even depression.

Although suborbital spaceflight is currently thought to be safe for individuals with well-managed health conditions, there still remain many unknowns. The referral to a fitness professional will assist in maximizing the spaceflight experience for the tourist while mitigating health-related complications that could arise from a poorly managed health condition or poor physical fitness.

The candidates participating in the inaugural LAUNCH Spaceflight Fitness Specialist program, referred to as the “Group 1,” are: Blake Bender of Austin, Texas; Dan Foley Jr. of Detroit, Michigan; Crystal Geller of South Riding, Virginia; Brien Posey of South Carolina; Nicolas Rouvier of the Greater Los Angeles area; and Dr. Jeremy Saget of Bordeaux, France. Upon graduation these six candidates will become the FIRST Spaceflight Fitness Specialists in the WORLD.

For more information about the LAUNCH Fitness & Human Performance and the Spaceflight Fitness Specialist certification or to register for this unique and ground-breaking program, visit

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